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She is always a very good mother.

Glodie resting with one of her foals.

On the trail

On the trail


DOB 4/03/2003


Goldie is a gorgeous golden palomino Registered Tennessee Walking Horse mare. She is 14í2 and 12yrs old. She is a nice size and she is built to last. Very athletic. She has been our top producing mare for many years and we have had a hard time deciding to offer her for sale. She is a joy to ride and be around. She will make someone a fabulous trail horse or a lovely broodmare. She also has the potential to excel in competitive trail and Endurance riding. She has one of the smoothest gaits Iíve ever ridden. There is no working on gait with this one, she is as natural as they come. Will also canter!! She will stand to mount from the ground, mounting block and fence. She will happily lead or follow in a group or she is happy to go out alone. I have used her to pony out other horses.

Goldie is not mare-ish and isn't bothered by the horse that wants to ride very very close behind while on the trail. She has a great walk and is versatile in her speed. She is use to slowing her pace down to ride with the quarter horses and pick it up to walk out with the gaited horses. She will go over and through whatever you ask her to. She has been through water, sand, rocks, over bridges and on the road. She has been around kids, dogs, motorcycles, cars, bicycles, many types of wildlife and much more. She has fabulous feet and is currently barefoot.

Goldie being saddled and unsaddled untied.


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