Rose's Page

Twhbea # 20806974


Rose has arrived and we couldn't be more pleased with her. She is a beautiful palomino with no white, except for her face. At only a few days old she was walking out with a beautiful stride. She has an obvious four beat gait and a lovely head nod. She is a walking son of a gun! Not only can she move, she also has an amazing personality just like her mom and dad. The farrier came out to trim mom's feet and Rose got to have her feet done at the same time, she stood there like she had been getting her feet trimmed for years. Nothing spooks this little filly. Her imprinting is going great, she pays attention and picks up everything very quickly. She is out of our mare Goldie and by our stallion Bubba.

Don't miss out on this special filly! Payments can be made until she is weaned.

Rose at just an hour old








Rose at three weeks old

Rose (3 weeks old) and Mom

Mom hadn't been rode in awhile and wasn't bothered at all
by us jumping on and Rose wasn't concerned either.