"Walkers are quickly becoming the horse of choice for trail riding" (Best of America by Horseback)

Tennessee Walking Horses are known for their love of people and their smooth ride. They are gentle and very intelligent. They learn very rapidly and are very versatile. They do very well both in the show ring and on trails.

Walkers have a fantastic smooth running walk that allows them to cover the ground quickly and is easy on both the rider and the horse. They are ideal for trail riding. They are calm, surefooted, and wonderful to ride. If you have never ridden one, come by and give one of them a try.

A little History of the Walkers

In the early 1900s the farmers and plantation owners in the mid south were looking for a horse that they could use to cover long distances. They wanted a gait that was easy on the rider and easy on the horse.

They brought various breeds into the area and began cross breeding them. They started with Narraganset Pacers and Morgans to mention a few. They finally selected one stallion who had an exceptionally smooth and fast walk and he became the breed foundation. His name was Allen F1. All Walkers today can be traced back to him. In 1939 the breed registry was established. The books were closed in 1950.

The running walk of the Tennessee Walking horse is still the signature of the breed. To this day no one has been able to train any other breed of horse to do the running walk that the Tennessee


The Tennessee Walker is known for its versatility. The flat shod walker competes in close to 20 events, including jumping, barrel racing, completive trail riding and endurance riding.

Bubba, one of our Stallions

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